Friday, August 26, 2005

Who crapped their pants??!

We've all been there...You're driving along...Wide open highway...Blue skies, smooth sailing. Your favorite song is on the radio, you're singing along with the 3 other people in the car, smiling, laughing...Life is gooood, and then it hits you like a big steamy pile of crap...WHO SH*T THEIR PANTS!!? Everyone else laughs, rolls down their windows, points to one another, me, however, i gag. Last weeks dinner suddenly tastes horrible, I just can't handle it. When I say can't handle it, I mean I've been known to vomit...Yeah pull the car over I'm going to vomit! I just can't take the smell of other peoples bowels. So, I've come up with something...Odor-detecting sensors in the seats. You fart, the windows automatically go down, but the culprits window goes first just so we know who to blame. Everyone knows someone who would benefit from this - you know who you are! The one who bursts into laughter explaining how you thought you'd be able to quietly let one slip and everybody would be none the wiser...Oh come on!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My Baby is a Big Girl

Despite my inability to believe it, my baby Katelynn is a Big Girl...A grown up she would say. I'm not sure where the time went, I wish I would have really believed it when every one said it would be this way. Now here we are, nearly 5 years later and it's setting in that she really isn't a baby anymore. She can brush her own teeth...Somewhat, wipe her own butt...After I do it first, put her own shoes on...on the wrong feet, dress herself...In clothes that don't match, and even cross the street...If I'm stopping traffic. And now, on this very day, my little girl went to preschool, for the first time, I took her into the class, I took her pictures, I video taped her going down the stairs, and she pushed me out the door. I cried all the way back to my car, and left the parking lot, thinking this is good...She can survive the next 2 1/2 hours without you. I couldn't wait to see her, when I did I wanted to hear everything...What she did, what she ate, who she talked to, how much she missed me. When I asked her if she missed me she said "nope, can I have a cookie" without hesitation...Wow...What a big little girl I have.

Friday, August 19, 2005

20 things to know about me...

  1. I stole this idea from my cousin's blog
  2. I have 2 beautiful little girls Katleynn 4 yrs, and Andrea 4 mos
  3. I'm a stay at home mom
  4. My husband is a mechanic - he calls himself an auto technician
  5. ok, I'm a Domestic Engineer
  6. I'm 25, but I think of things like I'm still 20, like I say I graduated H.S. 2 years ago, not even realizing is was more like 7 years ago, and I started driving 4 years ago...But more like nearly 10 years ago...Wow
  7. Despite popular belief I DO like to go out and have a DAMN good time
  8. And I'm generally a nice person
  9. One of my most embarrassing moments was when I once said "oh my God these mosquito's are eating me OUT" I meant UP. That's bad
  10. I met my husband at Wendy's...He saw my application with my cousins app, assumed we were sisters, asked the mgr to hire us, now look what he got himself into!
  11. I believe lotion and chap stick are addictive scams
  12. I'm a self-proclaimed dork
  13. I like to crochet and make bugs with polymer clay
  14. Refer to #12
  15. I secretly enjoy watching the cartoons I claim to loathe
  16. I sometimes TIVO Dr Phil although I tell my mom he's crazy and doesn't know what he's talking about
  17. Not only do I sometimes TIVO Dr. Phil - I relate to his guests through life experiences more times than not
  18. I often feel like I'm living the life of Deborah in Everybody Loves Raymond
  19. I admittedly love Britney Spears and have given my husband permission to sleep with her should the opportunity present itself...good luck baby!
  20. I deny liking Nelly, but, er, well ya know.

Bonus: who really gives a crap, right?