Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Something's wrong...

  • Something's wrong when I'm asked if I have anything to say, and I don't. (I always have something to say)
  • Something's wrong when your 5 year old says no thanks i've had enough when you offer her chocolate.
  • Something's wrong when you know without a doubt you're changing a poopy diaper, yet when you unstrap the old one she's clean as a whistle.
  • Something's wrong when you can barely hold your eyes open, yet you have to know what's going to happen next on the Food Network.
  • Something's wrong when you're watching cattle ranching on the Discovery Channel and you find your mouth watering for a rare steak.
  • Something's wrong when you're standing in the fridge but you're not sure how you got there or why.
  • Something's wrong when you're drunk and you'd rather sleep on the toilet than in your revolving bed.
  • Something's wrong when removing your fingernails one by one with a set of pliers sounds like a better idea than doing the laundry.
  • Something's wrong when an unemployed person offers you career advice.
  • Something's wrong when you're scared you might be sick and when the doctor tells you are you're overcome with relief.
  • And finally, something's wrong when your obviously pissed girlfriend/wife tells you nothing's wrong.

In Regards to Danielle...(written 9/29/05 too busy to post as usual)

Ok...Finally I'm posting the final "tribute" post I mentioned a few months ago. This one is about a friend of mine, who I love sooo much, Danielle. We've been friends since 2nd grade. She lived behind my aunt Michelle. We met one day while she was playing in her back yard which backed to a field where my brother, my cousin and myself used to play kick ball. She invited me to swing with her in her yard, and I did. We went on to roast mini marshmallows on tooth picks over birthday candles in her garage. The following year we ended up in the same class in school and for years after that we spent nearly every week-end together. We were the best of friends - we balanced each other. She was a mean little shit! I was overly sensitive...She gave me strength. Bach then we were just 2 fat little girls in love with Milli Vanilli and Madonna. She was a Barbie freak!! I grew boobs...She stuffed her bra with water balloons, called me "mother jugs" and beat me up with socks. We did just about everything imaginable on her trampoline - lots of stuff I will never admit to. We could stick anything anywhere with a little flour and water, and leave it to Danielle to come up with the sickest ideas of what to stick up. But aside from the phone calls to the 1-800 tampon number to send tampons to unsuspecting girls and all of the ketchup soaked pads we stuck on the neighbor's house - we had a lot more than ill-humored fun. We had a very supportive friendship for one another. I was like an adopted child to her family. Her mom was my mom, her grandma my grandma, her aunt my aunt. I remember going to Chicago with her. I think it was some conference for her Dad. Her mom had to wear a "fancy" dress. The entire trip I ate BLT sandwiches. I never had any money...Her mom and grandma took me everywhere with them and I never felt like a burden. They fed me, took care of me, and never made me feel like I didn't belong with them. We have been through so much together, good and bad. She is such a strong person, yet she has a hidden vulnerability few people really know about. She's not an open door...You practically have to take her off the hinges to get inside, but once she does you're in forever and it's a good place to be. Thank you Danielle, Debbie, Shirley and Cricket for giving me a second family - a true sense of belonging and as always honest unconditional love!!!
Love ya! Amy Ranae!!