Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ten Things We say...But Don't mean (most of the time)

  1. "I hate you." (only some of the time)
  2. Preface: When Gus wanted to sell his tools upon entering the police academy - Entering DOES NOT guarantee you will graduate and become a police officer - we had a huge disagreement. I thought he should keep them at least until graduation, he wanted to cross that bridge when we got there. So I said (and didn't entirely mean): "Fine!! Sell them!! And when you fail I hope the only tool you can afford is the spatula you'll need to flip the burgers at McDonald's!!" let me stress the anger you may have sensed in that comment was the truth...Not so much the words.
  3. "Giving is better than receiving."blah blah blah, it really goes hand in hand now doesn't it!?
  4. "I don't know how to cook, do laundry etc..." Stupidity, what an easy out.
  5. "I'm kidding." about anything. Someone once told me behind every joke there is truth.
  6. "Excuse me" most of the time you really mean "get the f out of my way!
  7. "It's ok" when someone apologizes for being rude or mean or when your mom forgets your birthday.
  8. "I'm not really a Birthday person anyway" after your husband realizes a week too late that you wanted him to throw a party.
  9. "I wish I could put on 5 or 10 pounds" Yeah right, if you do you'll spend the remainder of your life trying to lose it!
  10. "If you love someone let them go." that works better with things you really want to go away, no reason to risk losing a good thing.

Officer GUS

As luck would have it Gus is finally getting the opportunity to become a St. Louis Police Officer. He has been on the waiting list for some time now, and the week before Christmas he finally received the call he's been waiting for - all he had dreamt of. That Friday (the day before Christmas Eve) he told his boss of nine years and was fired. He wasn't to begin the academy until Jan. 9, 06, so this was quite a devastating blow - on top of the fact that we would not only be without a paycheck for a while, but that we would be uninsured, have to put our house on the market and begin searching for a house in the...CITY. Not exactly my idea of where I wanted our life to be - but it's part of that marriage thing I got myself into, right?