Friday, March 03, 2006

Bore me...

Ever find yourself thinking - "man, I wish I had something to do"?? Yeah??? Well, not me. Weird how boredom has become a luxury to me. Re-phrase that...SAD how boredom has become a luxury to me. Maybe not boredom so much as just time to do nothing. Boredom - yeah, I get plenty of that. Doing dishes, laundry, picking up toys that apparently are out to irritate me since they never get played, cooking the same crap all of the time, watching the same crap on TV, and doing just about everything else that falls under my motherly, wifely duties. Did I actually sign on for this? Did I really say "I do" to ALL of this? I don't really re-call saing "I will" to all of this. Getting married and "growing up" sounds good in theory - no one tells you about the monontony. Sure you hear plenty of the good stuff, and quite a bit of the REALLY bad stuff, but no so much the boring. I get so used to going through the motions...of seeing the same dishes and folding the same clothes day after day that I get excited when I come across my husband's new boxers in the laundry. Not because he looks sexy in his new digs -- chances are I've not seen him IN them, but excited because I get to fold them and put them away for the first time. First times are becoming harder to come by. Woo freaking hoo, right?? Sure, you think "ewe - that's weird", but you'll see, if you haven't already. Just be thankful that you've been warned. :)


Blogger Lil Bean said...

lol, amy...

you fold undergarments?? i just toss em in the drawer,no time for anything else!!

8:18 AM  

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