Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I Wanna Dance...

"Oh!! I wanna dance with somebody". Boy, do I...For some reason I have this uncontrollable urge to break it down and do a little diddy ("diddy if ya want to"...) so, to satiate my desires to shake my ass and watch myself, I decide to turn on slightly inappropriate music - loudly - and shake shake shake my booty in the kitchen while I "did the dishes". This inspired my daughters and they joined me mid "my humps". So, I'm trying not to break my hump but make it work while my 5 year old is doing something butt up with one leg flailing about behind her - God, please tell me she didn't learn that from me - and it's time for me to "get low to the flo" and she kicks me in the eye. Right smack in my right eye. Needless to say this ended our romp in the kitchen and now with a swollen soon to be black eye, I'm laughing at the look of terror in my daughter's face when it sunk in that she'd just decked her mom in the eye. Meanwhile, my 11 month old has realized in her own little world, that this has turned out to be a bit "girls gone wild" turned terrible wrong - she's frozen and not sure if she should continue bouncing while mommy lays on the floor yelling "my @$#% eye!!!" and Katelynn screaming "oh gosh mommy, I'm sorry...I'm sorry" These looks on their faces - completely innocent and disappointed looks - inspires me to suck it up and continue our dance-a-thon. So, we separated to opposite sides of the room, laughed it off, and tore it up "Singin' I love Rock 'n' Roll". All in a day...Sigh....All in a day.


Blogger Crystal said...

I am cracking up at the image I have in my head of you guys dancing and then suddenly stopping while you lie on the floor holding your eye!! Priceless and why couldn't I have seen that in person! That pic of Katelynn is too cute, she's gonna be "tearin' da club up" someday!!

2:56 PM  
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