Tuesday, May 02, 2006

No Regrets...Or are there??

We've all been asked this question a million times..."What's your biggest regret?". Most of the time we're caught off guard and say what we're supposed to say as healthy well-rounded people..."Well, I don't have any." Oh how wonderful life truly is, and isn't it great that I've made such great decisions in my life that there is not one single thing that I regret!?! Are we really supposed to die not having one single thing in our lives that we wish we'd done or hadn't done?? Sure - learn from experiences and grow, but couldn't it have all been spared if certain things went just a little different, or easy. So, I'm gonna be "real" here and lay it out there in a way I like to express my thoughts best : A LIST:) And not to say these are bad, just to name a few...
A list of "regrets" or whatever
(may or may not be all-inclusive, and in no particular order)
  1. Trying to be a "grown-up" ever since I was aware that there was such a thing. I wish I'd enjoyed being "innocent" a lot longer.
  2. Not nurturing friendships. Not taking the time to make phone calls, hang out, write letters, return phone calls. Do everything to make sure those friends who love me know that I love them too.
  3. Hanging onto someone long after I was ready to let go just because I was afraid he'd feel like I did - empty and alone.
  4. Knowingly dragging someone along with me as I played games with another. I honestly loved both people and regret not telling the other person of the second much sooner.
  5. Not being able to drink in Jamaica. I was 6 months pregnant - that I don't regret, but do wish I could have partied a bit more :)
  6. Not moisturizing and strengthening my tummy more. I'm definitely paying for it now.
  7. Not keeping my eyes closed a bit longer when listening to a great song with a great friend.
  8. Teaching my daughter how to "scratch" her nose if it's itching so she would quit making me rub her nose. Now everywhere we go she's constantly picking her nose.
  9. Teaching my daughter how to take care of the "wedgie problem." Refer to #8 and I'm sure you can conclude why.
  10. Letting my husband spray round-up on the weeds around my plum tree in the front yard. (it too was rounded up:()
  11. Not finishing college.
  12. Letting a grudge ruin a wonderful friendship long before its' time.
  13. Not punching that bitch and kissing and making-up the next day.
  14. Not at least sending flowers if I couldn't be somewhere for someone important.
  15. Not keeping up on my laundry. I swear my life is consumed by it!!

Stay tuned, I'm sure more can be added. Despite all of my would've(s) and could've(s), I honestly couldn't go back and change a thing, simply because of what that would do to today, but if things could have been different without changing my "now", I'd be fine with that:)


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